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Stella and her human, Nancy

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Testimonial from Millie via her human Rosie
Millie is currently 16 years old and experiencing the usual discomforts of an older being.  Overall she's very healthy with some arthritis in her back and hips, making walking a challenge sometimes.  Originally, Dawn started to treat Millie for these challenges and she responded well. 

More recently Millie developed a build up of bacteria in her stomach which has set back her overall well-being.  Dawn's regular attention to Millie's plight has made a huge difference in her recovery, which takes longer when you are 93 human years old. 

The love that Dawn so willingly shares with Millie (and me and Millie's dog siblings) is phenomenal.  Dawn is generous, kind, empathetic, thoughtful, caring, and terribly talented at what she does.  She has made a huge impact in Millie's life and made that life so much more comfortable and worthwhile.  Every living creature can only benefit from Dawn's attention.

Testimonial from Stella and her human, Nancy

Stella’s story: 

       Our 5 year old Bernese Mtn Dog Stella, had recently undergone a series of spinal cord surgeries to help with her cervical myelopathy condition and after the first two surgeries were unsuccessful, she underwent a third, and then developed pneumonia. She was in an animal hospital in Seattle for about six weeks, had lost mobility, and after barely surviving the pneumonia, and had not moved for so long that all of her muscles had atrophied, she was basically paralyzed.  Day after grueling day she had physical therapy to help get her muscle tone back and with some help of a full body harness get up to walk. She finally came home, and I had this heap of a weary weak doggy to try to get healthy again.  

       I heard about Dawn's Reiki treatments and decided we would welcome any chance of helping Stella to heal.  Unfortunately, Stella is a fearful dog around folks she doesn’t know, and I wasn’t sure how Dawn was even going to get near her, but Dawn explained how energy can be shared from distances and we went forward. 

       Just as I suspected, Stella was skittish about having someone new in her home, but Dawn took so much time and was so patient and gentle that she eventually got close enough to Stella to touch her and share the healing energy. In that first session, I could feel emotions circulating in the room, and as I watched Dawn intently connect with Stella’s gaze I saw Stella lick a tear that had been shed on Dawn's cheek.  Was this my dog that is so frightened of all whom she just meets?  Stella, from that day, improved at an immensely rapid rate as her appetite increased and she had gained the confidence in her muscles so that her mobility got much better. 

       Dawn arrived for one more session to make sure Stella was on the right track to recovering from her ordeal, and sure enough, with Dawn's treatment, she was. 

Stella’s got her groove back!    

We thank you Dawn.  

Stella and Nancy