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Animal Energy Balance:  Once the energy of your pet moves back into alignment, they experience greater comfort, relaxation and their bodies are allowed to ultimately self-heal.  Hands on Energy Healing services for your animal are done onsite in your home.  If you prefer, I also offer Long Distance Energy Healing where I'll set aside a predetermined amount of time to transmit Energy to your pet.  Long Distance Energy works best when you supply me with a clear photo of your pet and what intention you'd like me to hold. 

ASH - I work on the spaces in and around your intended area of change to bring about wellness, comfort, releasing and balance.  This is a very effective process which was taught to me by Rudy Hunter at

Onsite and Long Distance Rates                                                                                              

Activated Spaces Healing (ASH) as taught by Rudy Hunter:

$45 for 25 to 30 minutes of ASH work
$85 for 50 to 60 minutes of ASH work

Reiki and Energy Sessions:
$40 for 30 minutes                                    
$70 for 60 minutes                                                                                
$15 for each additional 15 minutes                                                    
• 15% discount when booking two or more sessions
Long Distance Reiki and Energy Sessions:
$40 for 30 minutes
$55 for 45 minutes
$15 for each additional 15 minutes
• 15% discount when booking two or more sessions
includes a follow up email to check on the progress of your animal

Your animal will notice improvements during the first session as he or she relaxes into the flow of energy to find balance and healing.  Most animals will benefit from one or several sessions for their comfort and healing.  Maintenance sessions are also welcomed by your animal.  In some cases, more sessions are recommended.
I work on animals of all sizes.

        Questions?  See TESTIMONIALS & REIKI BENEFITS                                                                          
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                 •  What can Reiki do for my animal?
                 •  Will I notice a difference with my animal?
                 •  How do emotional & mental issues affect my animal?

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Onsite and Distance Animal Energy Work available
Available for Reiki, ASH work, Energy, Harmonizing, Balancing and Releasing of unwanted emotions
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