Benefits of Reiki and Energy Work


Trauma and unreleased emotions are stored in the 

muscles and organs of our bodies (animals and people).  

Reiki and Energy Balancing can release old pain and 

patterns so that the body can balance and move forward.

•  Energy Balance

Emotional and Mental issues:  Animals are very sensitive to energy.  Your animal is a reflection of thier past and how they translated information coming at them, past traumas and family dynamics.  Many times a physical ailment stems from emotional trauma stuck in their energy fields.  Reiki and Energy Healing can help free their emotional trauma so that their bodies can come into balance and begin the healing process.

•  What will I notice with my animal?

After a treatment you may notice your animal is calmer, more peaceful, has better sleep patterns, increased appetite, heals quicker, is more alert, more playful and/or feels like his or her old self again.

During a treatment, as your animal relaxes into the flow of healing energy they may yawn, sigh, go to sleep, pace, sit and gaze into my eyes or push an area of their body into my hands that they want additional healing.  Every animal is different and unique in the manner they accept this energy.  This energy will continue to work for several days healing in whatever manner is most needed for your animal.  

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•  How does Reiki work?

Reiki Energy is gentle and yet powerful Universal Life Energy which flows with intention.  Reiki Attunements and training are required to access and allow this energy flow.

The Healing Energy flows were it is most needed in your animal to provide balance.  This could be for physical, spiritual, emotional and mental stability to bring back all slivers of themselves for balance, fullness and healing.

ASH - I work on the spaces in and around your intended area of change to bring about wellness, comfort, releasing and balance.  This is a very effective process which was taught to me by Rudy Hunter at

•  What can Reiki do for my animal?

  • Physical trauma, injuries & ailments: Quicker healing time = physical healing
  • Anxiety/Barking:  Bring calm = emotional healing
  • Restlessness: Bring comfort and peace = mental and emotional healing
  • Pre-surgery: Help boost their immune system = mental and physical healing
  • Post surgery: Quicker healing time = physical healing
  • Emotional issues (old and current): Help move them past old and current memories = mental and emotional healing
  • Insecurity: Help them to feel safe = mental healing

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