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Dawn Kodin


  •  How does Reiki Work?
  •  What can Reiki do for my animal?
  •  Will I notice a difference with my animal?
  •  How do emotional & mental issues affect my animal?

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 Reiki & Energy Healing for People
Dawn Kodin 

How I work with Reiki and Energy Healing
I work gently with animals to bring them into BALANCE through Intention and Loving Healing Universal Energy.  As a trained Reiki Practitioner and Energy worker in the Healing Arts, I'm able to direct the energy and transmit it to bring your pet comfort, relaxation and/or healing.  I am trained in Hands On and Distance Energy work which is sent and accessed anywhere in the world.  Our pets bodies already know what to do, they may just need a little help in Energy Balancing which in turn gives them a gentle nudge toward healing.  
ASH - I work on the spaces in and around the intended area of change to bring about wellness, comfort, releasing and balance.  This is a very effective process which was taught to me by Rudy Hunter at

•  Trained in the Arts of Energy for over 30 years
  •  Trained under Rudy Hunter as an ASH Worker (Activated Spaces Healing)
  •  Attunement with Rudy Hunter and training in Advanced Healing Courses
•  Certified Reiki Attunements to Master Level
•  Completed Level Three Energy and Intuitive Classes - trained in Theraputic Touch, 
     Intuition, Knowing, and the body Energy Centers.
•  Hospice Volunteer for 10 years, 5 years in Los Angeles and 5 years in Bellingham, WA
•  Co-facilitated weekly Meditation Group for 5 years
•  Trained and Studied over the years with Clairvoyants and Intuitives
•  Helped set up Healing Workshop in Ecuador Amazon Jungle for Quechua Shaman 
•  Studied and Completed Intuitive Classes under the guidance of Joanna Schmidt

Also available for Reiki, Energy Balancing and 

Emotional Releasing for People


Dawn Kodin 


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